The following four requirements must be completed within 7 days after your end date for all SCA AmeriCorps members and must be completed regardless of whether or not you will be receiving an Education Award. If you are eligible for an education award, you will receive an email when your award is available.
  • AmeriCorps Exit Form – This form is a web page that you complete and save in your MyAmeriCorps portal, which can be found on the homepage of your portal. This form must be completed electronically; if you have any trouble completing it, please email
  • Member Self-Assessment Post-Program – This survey can be found in your MySCA portal, and should be completed so that we can reflect on your experiences during your position!
  • Time Logs – These need to be approved by your supervisor for each week of your position. To receive an education award, Time Logs must be complete and equal/exceed the minimum number of required hours listed in your member agreement. After your end date has passed, your logs can be found in the View My History tab in your MySCA Member Portal.
  • Output Logs – These need to be approved by your site supervisor for your notable accomplishments. After your end date has passed, your logs can be found in the View My History tab in your MySCA portal.
Additionally, there are two end-of-term assessments for your supervisor/leader to complete:
  • An End-of-term Evaluation of you – This is completed by your site supervisor/leader regarding the assessment of your service.
  • A Post-Position Assessment by Partner – This is completed by your site regarding the total accomplishments of your position.
Your supervisor/leader will receive emails about these requirements 1 week prior to your end date, but please follow-up with them to make sure these are completed within 7 days after your end date.
Questions about your AmeriCorps Education Award

If you have questions about how to use your AmeriCorps Education Award, we strongly encourage all members to visit the CNCS website and read about their options and the processes required!

Visit the page for Onboarding for SCA AmeriCorps Members.