Current Board Members (FY2024) | April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024

The SCA is led by a diverse group of Board Members ranging from leaders in both the public and private sectors who care deeply about responsible use and protection of the natural environment and empowering the next generation of conservation leaders.

Gail Carmody portrait


Gail Carmody
Panama City Beach, Fla.
Former TreasurerFish and Wildlife Service Retirees Association (Retired); Secretary, The National Wildlife Refuge Association (Retired)

First Term
April 2021 – March 2024

Lena Hickman-Miott portrait

Vice Chair

D. Lena Hickman-Miott
Potomac Falls, Va.
Chief Operating Officer, Miottech, LLC
Executive Director, Cisco (Retired)

First Term
April 2022 – March 2025

Steve Howell portrait


Steve Howell
Arlington, Va.
Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Best Friends Animal Society

First Term
April 2021 – March 2024

Bryan Arroyo portrait

Bryan Arroyo
Centreville, Va.
Assistant Director of International Affairs, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (Retired)

First Term
April 2023 – March 2026

Kathy Bonavist portrait

Kathy Bonavist
Troy, N.Y.
Interim Executive

Second Term
April 2017 – March 202

David Leathers portrait

David Leathers
Boston, Mass.
Chief Executive Officer, John Moriarty & Associates (Retired)

Second Term
April 2018 – March 2024

Cindy Lewin portrait

Cindy Lewin
Arlington, Va.
Interim Chief Executive Officer, Whitman-Walker Health System

First Term
April 2023 – March 2026

Natalie Mebane portrait

Natalie Mebane
Vice President of Government Affairs, Rise to Thrive

First Term
April 2021 – March 2024

Bettina Ring portrait

Bettina Ring
Charlottesville, Va.
State Director, The Nature Conservancy in Virginia

First Term
April 2023 – March 2026

Shanelle Smith Whigam portrait

Shanelle Smith Whigham
Cleveland, Ohio
Senior Vice President & Director of Community Relations and Corporate Initiatives, Key Bank

First Term
April 2022 – March 2024

Andrew Sutherland portrait

Andrew Sutherland
Berkeley, Calif.

First Term
April 2021 – March 2024

Terri Thomas portrait

Terri Thomas
Houston, Texas
Co-Founder, Deidre Bainbridge Wildlife Fund

Second Term
April 2020 – March 2026

Tom Tidwell portrait

Tom Tidwell
McCall, Idaho
Chief of the United States Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture (Retired)

First Term
April 2023 – March 2026

Bob Vogel portrait

Bob Vogel
Fernandina Beach, Fla.
Regional Director, National Park Service (Retired)

First Term
April 2021 – March 2024

Anna Wadhams portrait

Anna Wadhams
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Nonprofit Consultant

First Term
April 2021 – March 2024