Live and Work in Amazing Places

As a program participant, you’ll have the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful places in the country – from national parks to historic sites to urban green spaces. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or commuting to your local city park, you’ll get to work outdoors and explore new places as you learn about your natural environment.

Make New Friends

Working with the SCA gives program participants the chance to connect with other young people interested in working in the outdoors, which leads to developing friendships that last long beyond your time with the SCA.

Join a Community of Conservation-Minded Individuals

The SCA has a proud and long history of preserving and protecting our most precious natural resources. Founded in 1957, join the more than 100,000 alums that have come through our programs. Connecting with other alums can open up a nationwide network of people who share your dedication to protecting the planet.

Tackle New Challenges

The SCA gives program participants the chance to push themselves to new heights and face new challenges. No matter your level of experience, you’ll get to try things you never tried before, and in the process, participants will gain confidence and hone their leadership skills.

Receive Professional Trainings and Certifications

As a program participant, you will receive specialized training and valuable hands-on experience. In some cases, professional certifications are available as part of your position. Opportunities vary depending on the specific position.

Receive a Stipend, Service Hours or Academic Credit

Many SCA positions offer stipends, travel reimbursement or academic credit. Some internships for applicants age (age 18+) are also eligible for AmeriCorps Education Awards and other financial benefits. Opportunities vary depending on the specific position.

At Work for the Planet

The work program participants do helps protect and preserve public lands and the critical wildlife and ecosystems they support. By protecting natural habitats and helping to raise public awareness for conservation issues, SCA program participants improve the planet and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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SCA crew members shoveling in the desert