You’re almost there! As you’re getting ready to end your service, use this page to make sure you’ve completed all your tasks to close out your internship. More details about all of the steps below can be found in your Intern Handbook and Appendix
Finish up all Time Logs and Output Logs
All Time and Output Logs must be submitted for your supervisor’s approval within one week after your end date. 
  • Questions? See the Intern Resources page.
  • Please note: After your position ends, use the “View My History” tab on your MySCA portal homepage to view/submit your logs
Complete your End-of-Service Survey
The survey will be emailed to you one week before your end date.
Submit a Letter of Reflection
A great tradition at SCA, encouraged by our founder Liz Putnam, is that we ask every one of our members to write a personal letter of thanks to those who support SCA, and in turn, your experience. Please handwrite and return a Letter of Reflection at least two weeks prior to the completion of your internship so that we may share it with an SCA supporter. 
Make Travel Plans or Review Arrangements 
Remember you are responsible for planning your travel to and from your site. 
Leave Your Housing Better Than You Found It
A checklist is available in your Intern Handbook. 
Photos and Videos from your Position!
We’d love to see your great work you accomplished during your service, please don’t hesitate to send any photos/videos with a brief description documenting your work to your SCA Advisor. 
Connect with SCA Interns
Job Resources
SCA AmeriCorps Members Only
Go to the SCA AmeriCorps End-of-Term page for details about extra steps to close out your AmeriCorps position and, if applicable, access information about obtaining your education award.

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