SCA Brings Together Public and Private Sectors to Effect Real Change

Across all 50 states SCA is there. Every year we connect to and support thousands of young adults who are taking action for the environment. In addition, our turnkey volunteer events provide our partners with opportunities for hands-on employee engagements. Through SCA projects we do more than just protect and preserve our natural spaces – we restore communities, green cities, engage citizens and encourage sustainability.

For each program, SCA mobilizes a passionate young workforce, environmental partners and corporate sponsors to accomplish immediate objectives and sustainable solutions.

What do you want to accomplish? SCA can help

Brand Alignment and Visibility: Partner with the nation’s oldest and most respected youth conservation organization to access and reach thousands of diverse, conservation-minded youth ages 15-25 and their parents. SCA is uniquely positioned to provide opportunity to show your environmental commitment and send a positive messages to your workforce, customers and the communities in which you operate.

Employee Engagement and Volunteerism: SCA creates turnkey events in communities nationwide with meaningful conservation outcomes. And we provide the online tools to drive engagement. SCA can help you plug in your workforce in a seamless hands on way.

Workforce Development and Diversity: SCA delivers a continuum of experiences that help young people build careers.  We work to create an inclusive conservation community. SCA provides dedicated training and work opportunities for veterans. 

Multi-Partner Collaboration: SCA is a nonpartisan organization that has significant experience in collaborating with many types of organizations and in acting as a bridge  between public and private entities. Areas of collaboration include special events, workshops, trainings, public education and community outreach.

Thought Leadership: SCA members are trained as leaders, organizers, project planners, volunteer coordinators and motivators.

Local Events and Days of Service: SCA creates turnkey events in communities nationwide with meaningful conservation outcomes. And we provide the online tools to drive engagement.

Your part in the SCA partnership

Our corporate partners help create the next generation of conservation leaders through experience that adds meaning and value in the lives of our young volunteers and interns. Hands-on experience means providing real-world challenges and solutions that translate into the lives of participants long after they return home. Read more about how SCA changes lives.

Make our work your own

Our community service events provide opportunity for employee participation and help meet your business objectives. SCA offers an opportunity to invest not just in a longstanding tradition, but in a future outcome that transcends the typical return-on-investment model. We have years of proven experience in employee engagement turnkey events, led by young people with access to hundreds of land managers looking for solutions to their conservation and community needs.

Take a closer look and discover how SCA can go to work with you.