The Next Generation of Conservation Leaders Starts Here

SCA began creating sustainable solutions long before most organizations even heard the term. Before the Peace Corps. Before AmeriCorps. For more than 55 years SCA has empowered young people to care for and make a difference in the world around them. The experiences gained through SCA influences our alumni throughout their careers and their lives. SCA participants use the skills and lessons they’ve learned to continue to transform the world. Today, SCA leads the way by encouraging America’s youth to become stewards of our environment. Together with our partners, we can create a more viable workforce of conservationists and a more sustainable planet now and into the future.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

SCA members are the next generation. They are the thousands of diverse, conservation-minded youth ages 15 and above who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on behalf of our environment. They are at the point in their lives when they are asking, “Who do I want to be? What do I want to become?” SCA provides the opportunity for them to see how they can be part of the solution, how they can contribute to concrete, positive results.


SCA Members are:

…ages 15 to young adults
…from across the 50 states
from all socio-economic backgrounds
…high school and college students



SCA Alumni are:

Results of a recent alumni survey show how SCA participants become tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

  • 86% of alumni say that their SCA experience strengthened their connection to the natural world. Nearly all alumni (88%) spend time outdoors every week, by hiking, biking, visiting city parks, or spending time in green spaces. (5-10 yr)
  • Alumni overwhelming recycle every day (81%), and nearly all alumni (96%) recycle at least once a week. Three-quarters of alumni (74%) use transportation other than a car, such as biking, a bus, or walking, at least once a week. (5-10 yr)
  • 39% of alumni have organized volunteer activities at least once in the last year. (5-10 yr)
  • 78% of all alumni have an increased interest in taking on responsibilities, 82% are more independent, and 89% are more able to adapt to challenges after SCA. (1 yr)
  • 96% say that SCA influenced their growth as a person. (5-10 yr)
  • 96% of members have gained skills that they expect to use in the future. (post)
  • SCA broadened the understanding of possible careers for 89% of alumni. (1 yr)
  • For 86% of alumni ,SCA strengthened their commitment to exploring opportunities in the environmental field. More than three quarters (78%) of employed alumni credit SCA with influencing where they are in their career. (5-10 yr)
  • Many alumni have joined a community organization (49%), volunteered their time to a non-profit organization (69%), participated in a political meeting (21%), or served on a board of directors (16%) in the past year. Over half of alumni (58%) cite SCA as an influencing factor in their participation in their community. (5-10)


“I am truly passionate about protecting and preserving the natural resources we now have for generations to come. I have spent over 6 years working with this great organization that has made a life changing impact  on my day to day decisions regarding the environment. The works I have done with SCA has helped me to empower other youths and to bring awareness about environmental issues globally in my social and academic life.”

— Jay Carter, multi-time SCA alumnus