Take the next steps to get ready for a life-changing crew experience!

Print the Crew Master Checklist

Print out this checklist to ensure that you don’t forget any critical details as you’re preparing for your crew. Click here to view the full checklist. 

Sign the Youth COA

Your parent/guardian must sign this form to confirm that they are aware of the risks associated with your participation on your SCA crew. Only crew members who are 18 or older can sign this form for themselves. Check your email! This form will be emailed to your parent/guardian within 24 hours after you accept your crew assignment. 

Plan your travel

  • Where are you going?
    When you receive your crew assignment, it will include your arrival location.  This is where your crew leaders will meet you on the first day of your crew and where you’ll leave from on the last day.  Usually this is an airport location. 
  • When should you arrive?
    Plan to arrive BEFORE 3PM on the start date of your position.
  • When should you plan to travel back home?
    Plan to leave your crew AFTER 1PM on the last date of your position.  Your departure location will be the same as your arrival location (usually an airport). 
  • Travel Costs
    You and your parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the cost of travel to and from your site.* Please see the Travel Support section below for information about how to apply for support to cover the cost of travel. 

Tell SCA Your Travel Plans

Your Crew Leaders need to know your travel plans so that they can meet you when you arrive and make sure that you are on time for your departure. 

Follow the steps below to enter your travel plans in your MySCA portal. You are required to enter your travel information in MySCA, even if you also talk to your crew leaders directly about your plans.

Be sure to create two travel records, one for travel to your site, and one for your return travel. 

  1. Login to your MySCA portal and click on the Prepare for Service Tab.
  2. Click onto the Position Number for your crew.
  3. Scroll down to the Logistics section and click the “New” button to create your Travel record.
  4. Fill in all of the fields for your travel to your site and save your record.
  5. Create a new record and follow the same steps for your return travel.

Pack your gear

It is important that you have clothing and gear that will protect you from the elements during your crew. Follow the gear list carefully to be sure you are prepared. Check out our gear page for tips. 

SCA Gear List

SCA Gear Page

Apply for Travel Support

To support the cost of travel, SCA is able to provide travel vouchers to eligible participants travelling between Southwest airports. If your crew is not meeting at a Southwest airport, you are not eligible for travel vouchers. 

Travel Support Application

Get excited!

We know that you’re excited and you’re not the only one. SCA crew members across the country are getting ready for their SCA experience. Connect with current SCA members, alum and future participants through Twitter (@the_sca), Instagram (@the_sca) and Facebook.

*If you are a resident of Alaska serving on an Alaska regional crew, your travel costs will be paid by SCA. Please talk to your SCA Alaska contact for more details. 


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