It’s time to get packing! The crew gear list below has all of the details about what you will need to bring for your crew. 

Download the Crew Gear List (PDF)

SCA will provide all of your food, work tools, and group camping gear (tents, cooking equipment, water filters, etc.).  You will also receive an SCA cotton T-shirt and some other SCA swag to keep!

Gear Tips

To keep costs down…

  • borrow items from family and friends
  • purchase gear from thrift shops and Army Navy stores (great places to find warm wool sweaters)
  • leave the price tags on items you may not use (it will make them much easier to return if you don’t end up needing them)

To get the right gear…

To make your purchases support a cause…

  • buy items online through AmazonSmile (they’ll donate a portion of your payment to the nonprofit of your choice…like SCA!)

Things That You Won’t Need on Your Crew

There will be lots of times in your life when you’ll be able to play video games, get dressed up in stylish clothes, and stay up-to-date with the latest gossip.  Your SCA crew is a unique chance to leave these things behind, just for a little while, and see who you are when it’s just you, your crew, and the great outdoors. 

Some things that you won’t need on your crew…

  • Electronics: your crew leaders will collect all electronics (except for cameras) for safe keeping when you arrive.
  • Nice clothes: you will be working hard and getting dirty every day.  Bring clothes that are comfortable, practical, and that you won’t mind getting really dirty.
  • Make-up and cologne/perfume: did we mention you’re going to be working hard and getting dirty?  In addition to not holding up well to sweat and grime, make-up and colognes/perfumes often have scents that can attract animals.
  • Jewelry: your crew is not a great place for jewelry.  It is likely to get lost or broken, and may even cause safety hazards while you are working, so we recommend leaving it at home.