An SCA internship offers a range of benefits. In addition to the many personal benefits of service, members serving internships receive living and travel allowances, and housing. Qualifying members are also eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award upon completion of their term of service. 

Benefits listed are typical of SCA internships. Due to the variety of partnerships, benefits may vary. Specific benefits will be confirmed at the time you are selected for an internship. Health Insurance is available for AmeriCorps members serving full-time, 1700 hour positions in alignment with CNCS requirements.

*The AmeriCorps Education Award Program is a grant program contingent upon federal funding. SCA receives a set number of spots in the AmeriCorps program each year for eligible internships. Learn more about AmeriCorps at SCA.

Living Allowance

SCA internships are volunteer positions, but a subsistence living allowance is provided to cover basic food expenses. In some cases, interns may need or want to bring additional funds for personal needs such as dining out, recreational activities, or gas.


Housing is generally provided to interns at no cost. There are exceptions where local candidates are requested as no housing is available at the site, or where members receive a housing stipend to arrange their own accommodations. Housing arrangement information for each position is provided in the detailed position description. As housing is often shared with other interns and/or agency staff, special accommodations for spouses, children, and pets are usually not possible.

Travel Allowance

Car is Recommended or not needed

You will receive $650 to offset the cost of travel to and from your internship site if a car is not required for the internship.  Whether you decide to arrive via car, airplane, bus, or train, YOU are responsible for booking and planning travel.  SCA encourages you to look into booking flights with SCA’s official airline Southwest.  They do not charge change fees or baggage fees (up to 2 bags).

Car is Required

If the position description states that a car is required for your position, you will receive $1,100 to offset the cost of traveling to and from the host site.

Position is not in the contiguous 48 states

If your position is in Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba or other US Territory, you will receive$1,115 to offset the cost of travel to and from the host site. 

Required Training at Different Site Prior to Start

Some SCA positions require interns to travel to a different location for training before travelling to the host site. In these cases, special arrangements have been made to cover travel to the training site and from the training site to the host site. If you are in a position with this benefit, you will be informed of it during your interview or in the position description.

You Live Local to the Position

Some positions seek candidates who live close enough to the host site to commute from home each day. These positions are usually labeled as “Local Only”. If you are in a Local Only position, you are not eligible for the travel allowance. However, if your daily commute is more than 10 miles each way (more than 20 miles round trip), you may be eligible for a commuting allowance.  SCA’s current rate for mileage reimbursement is 19 cents per mile.  If you think that you are in this situation, but do not see commuting travel on your Confirmation of Acceptance letter, notify your SCA contact.


  • Whether or not a car is required for the position, SCA does not assume risk for damages that occur to personal vehicles, or repairs or maintenance that become necessary en route to the site or during the course of service.
  • SCA expects the hosting agency to provide transportation for the performance of official duties or to fully reimburse interns for the use of personal vehicles.

Medical Coverage

Basic health insurance is available to AmeriCorps members serving 42 weeks or more. It is important to note that this coverage is available only if you have no access to other coverage, such as a family health insurance plan. 

AmeriCorps Education Award Program and Student Loan Forbearance

If you enroll in the AmeriCorps program as part of your internship, you’ll be eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and forbearance on qualified student loans. Learn more about how to join AmeriCorps at SCA.


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