Are you a high school student who is passionate about conservation? Do you like working as part of a team to get things done? Do you just love being outdoors?

Join an SCA Crew and plug yourself into SCA’s nationwide network of young conservationists – thousands of students who are as passionate as you are about preserving wildlands, protecting nature in urban areas, and keeping the planet green.

SCA offers a range of programs for youth ages 15-19. Whether you want to serve in your local community or explore public lands across the country, SCA has a crew for you!

Community Crews

Make a difference in your own neighborhood by joining an SCA Community Crew. Crew members are recruited from the local community and commute to local parks or other work sites each day. Whether you want to get out in the field on weekends during the school year or work five days a week during the summer, community crews allow you to improve trails, restore parks, and learn about the environment in your own region. Working with other teenagers from your community, you’ll have the chance to explore green job opportunities and prepare for a career in urban conservation… all in your own backyard.

Read more about SCA Community Crew programs.

Regional Crews

Have a National Crew Experience in your own backyard. Members of Regional Crews take on essential service projects at national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges near their communities. Members are often recruited locally and camp or commute while serving on protected lands closer to home.

Read more about SCA’s Regional Crew programs.

National Crews

Explore public lands across the country by joining an SCA National Crew. National Crew members are recruited nationally and participate in camping programs in parks, forests, and refuges throughout the country. Whether you’re working in the California backcountry or on a national seashore in Georgia, National Crews allow you to build trails, conserve critical habitats, and experience the natural world firsthand, all while camping on site. Working with other teenagers from around the country, you’ll learn outdoor skills and meet new leadership challenges.

Read more about SCA National Crew programs.

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