SCA is America’s leader in youth service and stewardship – the nation’s oldest and largest organization of its kind.  For more than 50 years, we’ve been the partner of choice for the National Park Service, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Army Corps of Engineers and more.  We know you, your needs and your systems.  And above all – we get results.

“Young people, conservation, and parks just go together.  That’s what Liz Putnam knew when she started SCA…These young people are investing their time and hard work into making national parks better for every visitor.” – former National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis

  • With an active nationwide academic network of more than 10,900 colleges, universities and other institutions plus an applicant pool containing over 20,500 qualified candidates, SCA is best able to provide you with students possessing the precise skill sets and education you need to fulfill the task.
  • SCA leaders, interns and volunteers are of the utmost caliber – bar none.  Our partners regularly report that SCA members exceed expectations: completing multiple tasks at a higher quality level than ever anticipated.
  • We can invigorate your workplace with diverse, capable and passionate young assistants.  Our NPS Academy, Career Development Intern Program (with FWS), Pathways program and other special initiatives have put hundreds of under-represented youth on professional tracks at natural and cultural sites across the US.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: A Proud Legacy

  • SCA is your best answer to workforce development.  Our members routinely demonstrate their mettle and advance to professional staff positions at the sites they serve and elsewhere.  The National Park Service alone reports at least 12% of their workforce started with SCA. There are likely SCA alumni working at your site right now.
  • Our risk management record is unsurpassed.  SCA’s extensive protocols and trainings are recognized as among the best in the conservation field, and safety is our most paramount concern. SCA is also a long-time co-host of the annual Wilderness Risk Management Conference
  • We’re flexible, affordable and dependable.  We have national cooperative agreements already in place.  And we’re a risk-free, proven partner with abundant expertise, superior service and advanced technology to make your job easier while boosting productivity through the roof

Most important, by partnering with SCA you’re building new connections with young constituents, changing their very relationship with our shared heritage, and extending the same conservation values to which you’ve dedicated so much of your own life.

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