As part of an SCA Corps Program, you’ll work together with a team of other young people to accomplish targeted conservation goals.

Many Corps Programs take place in the backcountry, where members build trails, prevent forest fires, or restore critical habitat. Teams typically live together in a cabin or other central location and work on “hitches” — short-term, focused work trips guided by SCA field leaders.

Other Corps Programs work in urban or rural communities, where members team up to conduct environmental education or public outreach. Members may live together at one site, or work at individual sites within the same region.

Whether you work in the backcountry or in the local community, SCA Corps Programs give you the opportunity to join up with other young people who share your passion for the outdoors, and build connections with agency partners in the field. Corps positions range from 3 to 12 months, and are open to high school graduates ages 18 and up.


Adirondack Corps

Maintaining trails in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

Alaska Corps Teams

Native plant work, fuels reduction, restoration, and general resource management in Alaska.

Hudson Valley Corps

Connecting communities in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Idaho Corps

Conserving public land throughout Idaho.

Maryland Corps

Engaging youth and military veterans in hands-on service to Maryland’s vast network of public lands.

Massachusetts Corps

Constructing trails and engaging students with the outdoors.

New Hampshire Corps

Maintaining trails and engaging communities across New Hampshire.

New York State Parks Corps

Enhancing the visitor experience in Allegany, Finger Lakes, and Thousand Islands State Parks.

Historic Preservation in Public Lands Corps

Completing historic preservation projects throughout Massachusetts.

Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps

Tackling hands-on projects in state parks, state forests, and other natural lands.

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