Meet the Staff

David Ciernia (he/him), Program Director: The Program Director has the role of assuring the program is meeting its mission and objectives, coordinating and overseeing IP members, as well as managing the program finances and sustainability. In addition, the Program Director assures full compliance with AmeriCorps guidelines, as well as assures we are meeting the needs of our partners.




Bryce Spare (he/him, they/them), Conservation Coordinator: The Conservation Coordinator is directly responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities and performance of corps members and for managing all aspects of program’s conservation stewardship projects. The Conservation Coordinator assures that conservation stewardship projects meet partner and SCA standards and expectations, and provide supervision, training, and mentorship for the program’s Conservation season as members complete high priority conservation projects on lands across the commonwealth. 


Julia Graham (she/her), Program Assistant: The Program Assistant manages the program’s facilities, vehicles, and kitchen. They work closely with program staff and facilities managers to assure the program meets state codes and safety requirements. In addition, they work closely with program members on proper methods of preparing meals in the field and assuring food safety. They also provide technical and logistical field support to both the Conservation Coordinator and the Corps. members as they complete conservation projects throughout the season.