Sixteen-year-old Alesha Jones is a junior at Westinghouse High School in Pittsburgh, who is participating this summer in her fifth SCA crew – making Alesha the only active member among our 10 Alumni Ambassadors. 
You’ve already served on multiple SCA crews – hard work, hot summers. What keeps bringing you back?
I love being outdoors. It’s nice to be able to be outside every day and it doesn’t feel like work at all! The outdoors were always calming for me but SCA is a great opportunity to be out even more. My family thinks SCA is very interesting and they all are very proud about what I do. 
I heard you were recruiting siblings and cousins for SCA this summer. Any success? 
Yes! All of the members of my family I’ve invited are interested in SCA!
Were you a cycler prior to last year’s Trek crew? 
Prior to Trek crew, I rode a bike rarely, only when my friends joined me. It wasn’t part of any routine. Trek was very different than my other crews because we actually got to test out our work. 
How do you feel about the ongoing amplification of equity and inclusivity in conservation? 
I’m very excited to be a part of this change. I think it’s important to enlighten all the people around me about conservation and the need for greater diversity in the outdoors. 
Describe your ideal outdoor day…
My favorite way to spend an outside day in Pittsburgh is to sit by the rivers downtown or at parks. It’s awesome because you can really relax in the warm weather without worrying about anyone bothering you. 
Have you traveled much beyond the city?
I’ve traveled so much my whole life – I’ve been to Virginia, Georgia, Nevada, and so many more places. My favorite activities were seeing all the cool places we don’t have in Pittsburgh. Georgia was the best because we were in a place with so much land and open areas. 
Beyond family, who are some of the leading influencers in your life? 
I admire some of my teachers. They inspire me to keep pushing and achieve both my short- and long-term goals. They continue to motivate me daily. 
What’s after high school for you?
My plans after high school begin with starting my career with the city. I also plan on going to the University of Pittsburgh and pursue my career with health, possibly becoming a paramedic.
What are you doing on a personal level to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?
As an individual, I’m reducing waste around me, reusing things such as water bottles, or even bringing my own. The biggest thing I for me is when I teach others about the importance of climate change. When I look at where our climate is now, I start to worry about the future. I’m concerned people won’t realize the importance of climate change and how it could affect us. 

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