Update for Summer 2021

For most of us, the past year+ has been one of adaptation as we coped with the ongoing presence of Covid-19.

This has been our practice at SCA as well, as we swiftly developed and then modified, again and again, a comprehensive Covid policy framework and mitigation strategy to keep pace with rapidly evolving conditions.

Now, as vaccinations progress and states ease restrictions, SCA continues to assess conditions and modify our protocols as necessary, all while monitoring guidance from the CDC, state departments of health, and local public health agencies.  

From the very start of the pandemic, SCA’s foremost priority has been the health and well-being of our members, staff, partners, and the local communities in which we serve. SCA has adhered to the most meticulous risk management standards for the past 64 years, and we approached the coronavirus with the same measure of preparation and resolve.

Thanks to these best practices, and to the diligence of our members and partners, SCA safely engaged thousands of young people in conservation positions over the past year nd a half. And those young stewards have made tremendous contributions to our nation’s natural and cultural heritage over that time.

With the arrival of another summer season of service, SCA vows to continue our vigilant methodologies regarding the pandemic and member safety overall. It is a responsibility we take most seriously and is a key part of our goal to provide young people from all backgrounds with the most fulfilling conservation experience possible.

Thank you.