Help the Student Conservation Association spread the word about reducing energy use and creating a circular cycle. Connect to your neighbors and family virtually by posting your conservation commitment to social media using #SCAConserve. 
Check out the video module below (originally created to celebrate Earth Day) to learn how you can make a difference this spring!

How can you reduce your energy use?

As Americans, we can reduce our energy use by turning off lights, using natural sunlight when possible, selecting cold water over hot, and so much more. We can further reduce use by recycling and making a commitment to use less one time use containers. One simple step forward is to switch to a reusable water bottle. 
Reducing energy use and recycling helps to lessen our carbon footprint, making for a healthier planet and a healthier you.

How can we learn about local recycling standards? 

Each location varies on recycling standards. You can visit your local municipality website to find out more about what is recyclable in your area (originally created to celebrate Earth Day). 
You can help conserve energy and promote recycling by establishing healthier routines in your daily schedule. Share your story with us at #SCAConserve.
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