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Print the Corps Master Checklist

Print out this checklist to ensure that you don’t forget any critical details as you’re preparing for your season. View the full checklist.

Plan your travel to site

  • Where are you going? When you accept your position, the position description will include your arrival location. This is where your Project Leader will meet you on the first day of your program and where you’ll leave from on the last day. Usually this is an airport location.
  • When should you arrive? Plan to arrive BEFORE 3PM on the start date of your position.
  • When should you plan to travel back home? Plan to leave AFTER 1PM on the last date of your position. Your departure location will be the same as your arrival location (usually an airport).
  • What about travel costs? To help offset travel costs to and from your position, you will receive a taxed travel grant of $650 ($1,100 for positions located in Alaska and Hawaii) with your first paycheck. Please make arrangements as far in advance as possible to ensure that you are able to arrive on time for the start of your position. If you have questions about your travel grant, please contact your Program Manager.

Tell SCA your travel plans

Your Project Leader needs to know your travel plans so that they can meet you when you arrive and make sure that you are on time for your departure. Follow the steps below to enter your travel plans in your MySCA portal. You are required to enter your travel information in MySCA, even if you also talk to your Project Leader directly about your plans.
Be sure to create two travel records, one for travel to your site, and one for your return travel.

  • Login to your MySCA portal and click on the “Prepare for Service” tab.
  • Click onto the Position Number for your team.
  • Scroll down to the Logistics section and click the “New” button to create your Travel record.
  • Fill in all of the fields for your travel to your site and save your record.
  • Create a new record and follow the same steps for your return travel.

Pack your gear

It is important that you have clothing and gear that will protect you from the elements during your season. Find the gear list below that best fits your team, and follow it carefully to be sure you are prepared:

Note that SCA will provide all of your field-based meals, work tools, personal protective equipment (ex: helmets, eye protections), and group camping gear (ex: tents, cooking equipment, water filters). You will also receive an SCA cotton T-shirt and some other SCA swag to keep!

Gear tips and tricks

To keep costs down…

  • borrow items from family and friends
  • purchase gear from thrift shops and Army Navy stores (great places to find warm wool sweaters)
  • leave the price tags on items you may not use (it will make them much easier to return if you don’t end up needing them)

To get the right gear…

  • check out SCA’s “Camping Series” blog to get ideas, but be sure to use the packing lists above for your season
  • visit your local outdoor store (they can give you expert advice on gear options and sizing)
  • explore resources like Backpacker online magazine

To make your purchases support a cause…

  • buy items online through AmazonSmile (they’ll donate a portion of your payment to the nonprofit of your choice…like SCA!)

Travel Support

If you are unable to cover the cost of travel to site, you can contact your Program Manager for travel support. Your Program Manager can assist in booking your travel to and from your address on record. Please note that you will forfeit your $650 travel stipend when SCA assists in booking your travel.

Get excited!

We know that you’re excited and you’re not the only one. SCA Corps team members across the country are getting ready for their SCA experience. Connect with current SCA members, alum and future participants through Twitter (@the_sca), Instagram (@the_sca) and Facebook.