Partnering with SCA MA Conservation Corps is a win-win-win.

Win: You have conservation projects that need done, and we can help. Our Conservation Corps members are emerging leaders with an interest in related fields of conservation and are looking for hands-on experience.

Win: Service to the land is a vital part of the program! All members are enrolled in AmeriCorps.

Win: AmeriCorps funding covers nearly 50% of programmatic costs-making these positions extremely cost-effective for our partner host sites like yours.

Check out our two program options below to learn more. David Ciernia is ready to help you determine whether SCA is a good fit for your site. Call 1-346-292-5240 or email

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Trail Crews

Trail Crews

Trail Crews are teams of six young adults who are trained and supervised by SCA Field Staff. They work as a self-contained unit in ten-day chunks on projects for 2 to 10 weeks. You specify the project parameters and provide the materials, and they will do the rest.
  • 10 days each 
  • Up to 10 hitches available
  • Meaningful projects 
  • Camping or housing 
  • Water and bathroom accommodations 
  • Permits as required 
  • Project materials 
  • $8,200 per hitch 
  • Transportation 
  • Chainsaw and chainsaw PPE 
  • Stonework and rigging equipment 
  • Rustic and dimensional carpentry tools 
  • Basic hand tools cache and camping gear
  • Trail construction and maintenance 
  • Rustic Timber bridges, steps, and retaining walls 
  • Stone stairs, steps, and walls 
  • Carpentry bridges, boardwalks, and kiosks 
  • Invasive species removal 
  • Habitat restoration 
  • Data collection and monitoring


We are ready to discuss the possibility of SCA trail crews at your site. We’ll help you determine whether this is a good fit—no obligation! Call David Ciernia at 1-346-292-5240 or email


“Our agency manages the statewide system of parks and forests, all with countless numbers of trails in need of critical infrastructure improvements and maintenance.  DCR’s partnership with SCA AmeriCorps is an essential component to keeping our trails safe, enjoyable, and open! The crews come to our parks and forests with the expertise and goal-oriented work ethic needed to efficiently and successfully complete trail projects.  Ranging from simple to complex, the crews are required to balance recreation with conservation while interacting positively with the public as they pass by. SCA is great partner in allowing the agency to carry out its mission of providing high quality recreational experiences to the public while conserving and stewarding our natural resources.”   

– Amanda Lewis, Mass Trails Program Manager, Department of Conservation and Recreation 
“The SCA has helped us improve trails and historic structures over multiple years. These improvements have enhanced the experience for many visitors. The SCA has helped us protect, promote and enhance our common wealth of natural, cultural and recreational resources for the well-being of all.”
– Adam Morris, Beartown Complex, Forest and Park Regional Coordinator  
“As a ½ century trails person, I know firsthand how difficult it is to build high-quality, sustainable trail so I truly appreciate the enthusiasm, knowledge and skill that SCA crews bring to the job.  This has led to professional superior work over the years.  When I have a choice, SCA crews are my first choice for a trail crew to work with!” 
– Dick O’Brien, SR. Trail Planner, Builder & Maintainer, Conservation Works LLC 

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