SCA is pleased to announce the receipt of a $127,417 grant from the NFWF for a local crew of young adults to plant 1,000 trees along the Calumet River in the cities of East Chicago, Whiting, Hammond, and Gary. The plantings will provide a tree canopy and improved water quality in some of the most toxic landscaqpes in the country. The NFWF grant will be matched by $142,565 in case and in-ind contributions from SCA, the municipalities, the US Forest Service, and other sources. The grant is part fo the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund. Administered by the NFWF, the Fund is a partnershop amont ArcelorMittal, The Chicago Community Trust, Crown Family Philanthropies, Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Joyce Foundation, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, US Environmental Protection Agency, US fish and Wildlife Service, and US Forest Service. The Fund achieves its impact by supporting projects focused on three goals: 1) reducing stormwater runoff with green infrastructure; 2) enhanceing fish and wildlife habitat; and 3) improving public-use opportunities.