SCA and MUFG Union Bank joined forces last November to coincide with “MUFG Gives Back” volunteer month. Since then, SCA youth and alumni, MUFG employees, and local residents – nearly 500 volunteers in all – have improved beloved parks, strengthened wildlife habitats, and forged more resilient communities in eight cities nationwide. Cities impacted include:

·       Seattle, WA

·       Los Angeles, CA

·       New York, NY

·       Oakland, CA

·       Phoenix, AZ

·       Chicago, IL

·       Atlanta, GA

·       Tampa Bay, FL


We are proud to report that the partnership between the SCA and MUFG Union Bank is making a positive impact in the communities across the country. Last year, the joint efforts have reduced the environmental impact and produced the following outcomes:

·       Two tons of trash removed from local waterfronts

·       Four hundred bird rescue kits created in Chicago

·       More than 1,600 native trees, shrubs, and flowers planted

·       Over 15 acres of land preserved


 “In just two hours, volunteers transformed the park,” said Ben Shupp, an official with NYC Parks. “What they accomplished in one morning would have taken our staff weeks to complete.”

“MUFG embraces its role in supporting the economic well-being of its communities, and is also doing its part as an environmental steward to secure the health of future generations,” said Jaime Matyas, President and CEO of SCA.

We are proud to partner with MUFG Union Bank to provide impact to urban parks across the country and are excited to see how they provide long-lasting sustainable impact to our local parks in the future.