Congratulations on making it into the Student Conservation Association’s Community programs! We’re thrilled to have you on the team.

Before you can hit the field, you will need to complete the steps below. All documents are due at least five days before your position starts. If you do not complete all onboarding requirements prior to your start date, you will not be able to start your position. 

Required Paperwork

Please contact for questions about any of the paperwork items below.

  • Background Check (for 18+ only). Participation in a SCA program is contingent upon a satisfactory background check reviewed by SCA’s Human Resources Department. Look for an email from or that includes a link to begin the background check process. 
  • Electronic I-9. Form I-9 is used to verify your identity and employment authorization for work in the U.S. You will receive two simultaneous emails from; one will include directions for completing Section 1 of your Form I-9, the second will include directions for completing Section 2. You may also find the link to complete Section 1 in MySCA on the Home Page under the “Alerts” box. Please note: Section 2 can be completed by anyone who is not yourself or a family member (ex: a neighbor, a teacher, a family friend, etc.). 
  • Medical Forms. Participation in a SCA program is contingent upon a medical form cleared by SCA’s Safety Department. Find your medical form in your MySCA portal under the “Alerts” box on the home page.  Based on the information that you provide in your medical form, you may be emailed additional forms to complete (if you take medications or need a physical exam, for instance). These follow-up forms will be emailed to you directly.
  • Enrollment Forms. All enrollment forms can be found in your MySCA portal, either on the homepage under the “Alerts” box, or under the “Prepare for Service” tab. 
  • Distracted Driver Policy (21+). Required for any members/leaders who may drive an SCA team vehicle. View the form here. Please sign and send to If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact your SCA Program Manager.
  • PayCom login. If you are receiving an hourly or salaried rage, PayCom is where you can fill out your W-4, direct deposit information, and enter your hours/view your pay stubs. Look for an email from for instructions on how to set up your account.
  • AmeriCorps Enrollment Form*. Only required for members accepting an AmeriCorps Education Award. An email will be sent to you directly from AmeriCorps or CNCS with a link to the AmeriCorps Enrollment Form.
  • FBI Fingerprinting.* Only required for members accepting an AmeriCorps Education Award. An email will be sent to you directly from SCA’s HR Department with a link to get started. 

Required reading 

  • Community Member HandbookThis contains important information about SCA, expectations, policies and procedures.
  • AmeriCorps Orientation Video*. Only required for members accepting an AmeriCorps Education Award. Each link to this video is unique, so please use the link included in the “Next Steps for your AmeriCorps position” email that you received.

Additional reading materials

  • Field Guide. The Field Guide contains tons of useful resources for your time in the field.  From safety standards and written policies to games and helpful resources, the Field Guide is often the first resource teams use while in the field. We recommend taking a look at the Field Guide before your season to help you get prepared. View the SCA Field Guide.
  • COVID-19 Response Plan. SCA’s COVID-19 Response Plan was created to mitigate risks to SCA, its staff, and its members. It is a working document, continually updated to reflect the latest conditions and CDC and local guidance. View the latest COVID-19 Plan.

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