All across the nation, SCA crews are working to protect public lands, and the summer 2022 season will be no exception. With projects ranging from trail maintenance to removal of non-native plant species, SCA members will work to improve parks and greenspaces in multiple U.S. cities. Here’s a glimpse of the conservation work taking place over the next few months!

1. Washington, DC

At several national park sites including Rock Creek Park and the George Washington Memorial Parkway, SCA members will work to improve trails and preserve historic spaces. A Maintenance Crew at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal is scheduled to remove vegetation from historic stone culverts, locks, flumes, abutments, walls and any other historic stone structure within the park boundaries that the NPS deems the need for vegetation removal. In addition, this crew will assist the NPS staff with the removal of fallen trees in the park and along the tow path. 

2. Texas

Photo: Loslazos, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

At Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Texas, an SCA intern will focus primarily on assisting in the restoration of natural areas through native plant reintroductions and invasive species control across the South Texas Refuge Complex. This member will assist U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel in the propagation and nursery care of tree and shrub seedlings, mechanical and chemical invasive species control, site preparation and post-planting site maintenance, delivering plants to planting sites, collecting and processing seed, planting seedlings in understory planting sites, and monitoring survivorship and recovery of planted sites.  Other duties may include miscellaneous tasks, as needed, to support the Restoration Program and the Refuge’s Biology Program.

3. Alaska

At Chugach National Forest, an eight-member Alaska Regional Youth Crew will work for four weeks. Specific projects may include hauling gravel, creating and maintaining trail tread, and cutting/ removing brush from the trail corridor. 

These are only a few of the many conservation projects happening this summer! Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow along on social media as we highlight the important work SCA members are completing.

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