In continuing our celebration of AmeriCorps Week 2020, Alumna Simone Maule reflects on her SCA AmeriCorps experience that provided the opportunity to serve a local New Hampshire community and created a path towards a career in environmental education.

My Experience

During my SCA term, I had the privilege of serving as an Interpretive Ranger with the New Hampshire Corps. My position allowed me to gain meaningful experience in several different sectors of environmental education. I was able to create and present engaging science lessons to local classrooms, provide educational tours to elementary students visiting the state park system, lead many different summer interpretive programs at various parks across the state, and travel to different community centers to offer environmental programming. 
This was hugely impactful in my life as it gave me a unique opportunity to compare and contrast different educational styles throughout the year. I was then able to pinpoint what type of environmental education I enjoyed most and I am continuing to pursue that today.

What I Gained

Aside from the impact of AmeriCorps on my life, I was also a witness to how my program served the surrounding community. Over my year in New Hampshire, I interacted with hundreds of elementary school students and saw first-hand how great it was for them to have regular access to a solid and consistent science curriculum. In addition, I provided summer interpretive programming to over a thousand park visitors and had a wonderful time enhancing that experience for so many members of the public. 
I would not be on the path I am today without the influence of my AmeriCorps service terms. I have gained invaluable career experience, made lifelong friends, learned how to build community from the ground up, and had the spectacular privilege of getting to live in New Hampshire. It was truly a transformative time, and I am grateful I had the opportunity.