This. This post is everything right now. These are trying times indeed, but if we sit back and reflect on the words Sarah recently posted in SCA’s Alumni Facebook group, we will know we are well-prepared and will get through this together. We are grateful to the many who have reached out with expressions of encouragement, favor, and concern. Ours is a generous and caring community.
In the midst of these unprecedented times, our work will be impacted and some of our traditions altered; however, we are encouraged by the support and outpouring of care for SCA’s future. While COVID-19 presents unique and serious circumstances, SCA has successfully managed a range of matters over the past 60 years and we are applying that vast experience to every aspect of this situation.
As we work to find our balance during these challenging times, please consider supporting us. If you can make a one time gift great. If times are hard for you right now financially, please commit to a small monthly gift. Your support will make all the difference and ensure we are able to continue our vital conservation work and have a continued impact on both lives and lands once this challenge has passed and it is safe to do so.

SCA alumnus Dave Kurapka has been giving some thought to Sarah’s post — see his reflections here