Program Types

The SCA DC Urban Tree House (UTH) is excited to offer a variety of environmental education topics: Water Science; Camping 101; Climate Change; Environmental Stewardship; Ecology and Native Species; and Art in Nature.

The UTH site provides a great opportunity for youth to explore and learn about the surrounding land and aquatic environment—particularly the District’s watershed and urban ecosystems.

Programs incorporate fun activities, creative crafts, and exploration experiences related to the program theme. Read more about each of the different program offerings below. Group registration information:

Colored illustration of two water droplets.

Water Science

Have you ever experienced the power of the ocean waves? Or seen the life that lives along a river bank? Learn about the amazing world of water through fun experiments and games! Using the local Anacostia River as an example, we can learn about the water cycle, water quality, and water conservation. Potential topics: Water energy, water cycle, water quality, water resources, water properties

Digital illustration of a burning log campfire.

Camping 101

Camping skills Topics include: Leave No Trace, surivival skills, sustainable recreation, #FindYourPark

Digital illustration of earth next to a rising thermometer. Clip art symbolizing global warming.

Climate change

Learn how our impacts can change our climate. Topics include: 

Digital illustration of a reusable water bottle using shades of blue, white, and gray.

Environmental Stewardship

Learn how to be part of the solution in environmental stewardship!

Colorful illustration of various animal species (bear, fish, rabbit, and ladybug).

Ecology and Native Species

The Anacaostia River is home to a diverse array of native species.

Watercolor illustration of a pink flower with a light peach color center.

Art in Nature

Become inspired by nature and engage your creative skills!

Digital illustration of tree, tree trunk, and orange-yellow backpack.

Off-site: Traveling Tree Trunk Programs

Can’t come to the park? Let us come to you! Urban Tree House offers limited off-site environmental education and outdoor exploration activities with our Traveling Tree Trunk Programs during the summer season. If you would like to request an off-site program, please email