When considering your options, keep in mind that the SCA uniquely offers:

  • A 60+ year record of delivering award-winning productivity and partner satisfaction
  • The nation’s largest pool of specially recruited, highly skilled, and motivated young adult candidates
  • The #1 safety and risk management performance in our field

Over and above those important advantages, the SCA also provides administrative benefits that minimize hassles and maximize your peace of mind, including:

  • Pre-existing National Cooperative Agreements with most federal agencies and major nonprofits
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of agency agreement and reporting processes. SCA Agreement Officers are well-versed in GrantSolutions procedures, initiating the process for relevant agencies. We also provide excellent and timely processing and creation of agreements, cost estimates, financial forms (e.g., DOI 424 financial forms and USFS financial forms).
  • Opportunity to “pre-select” interns, directly offering an SCA internship position to an individual(s) that has already been vetted by the Partner, bypassing recruitment.
  • Full administrative oversight and support
  • 24-hour risk management support
  • Personal Partnership and Program representatives

At the same time, SCA members also enjoy generous  benefits, with most eligible for:

  • Public Land Corps (PLC) non-competitive hiring authority for certain agencies
  • AmeriCorps Education Award
  • Flexible compensation levels
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health Insurance (optional)

The SCA can work with you to determine the best program model within your budget. Contact your SCA Partnership representative today or email us at agency-help@thesca.org

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The SCA can work with you to determine the best program model within your budget.

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