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SCA members fortify this region’s rich natural heritage by protecting watersheds and riparian zones, conserving migratory bird habitats, mitigating the impact of abandoned mines and much more.  The Midwest is home to our Green Cities Sustainability Corps, which helps area municipalities implement climate action plans by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting resource consumption.

This is also where you’ll find hundreds of previously under-served urban youth gaining work experience and strengthening city parks in the largest concentration of SCA community conservation programs in the country.  In fact, the US Conference of Mayors named our Milwaukee corps one of the nation’s top green jobs programs for teens. 

Youth served:

  • 558 (2013)

Key initiatives:

  • Community conservation crews
  • Green Cities Sustainability Corps
  • Trail Town Outreach Corps

Primary partners:

  • The Greening of Detroit
  • Milwaukee Workforce Investment Board, Milwaukee County Parks Dept. and Urban Ecology Center
  • Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore
  • Isle Royale National Park

Leading supporters:

  • Johnson Controls, Inc. – community programs in Milwaukee, Detroit (and Baltimore)
  • Exelon – Chicago community program