SCA is pleased to be an original member of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC), which is putting America’s youth and returning veterans to work protecting, restoring and enhancing America’s great outdoors. This important initiative is especially resonant to SCA, as both SCA and 21CSC were modeled on the Civilian Conservation Corps.

In addition, we are committed to the principles of DOI’s “Play, Learn, Serve, Work” Youth Initiatives, including the overall annual placement of one million volunteers on public lands, and the provision of 100,000 work and training opportunities for young people and veterans on DOI sites and through public-private partnerships.


  • 8,567 individuals—3,960 SCA members and 4,607 local volunteers— served with SCA nationwide, including 1,598 with NPS, 373 with FWS, and 63 with BLM
  • These young people rendered 1,304,578 hours of service, including 513,354 hours with NPS, 199,485 with FWS, and 44,247 with BLM
  • SCA served 586 natural and cultural resource sites including 246 national parks, 149 wildlife refuges, and 14 BLM sites
  • Accomplishments include improving 12.8M feet of trail, surveying or protecting more than 616,000 animals, and educating over 568,000 people about America’s public lands and the environment
  • SCA membership was evenly split between young men and women; 70% were 18 or older, 30% were 14-17 years of age
  • 43% of SCA members self-identified as coming from racially or ethnically diverse backgrounds

A more detailed presentation on SCA outputs and members may be found in the attached report, as well as a series of program capsules and individual profiles.

SCA is grateful to DOI and believes 21CSC demonstrates the effectiveness of our ongoing partnership as, together, we build the next conservation leaders.

Download the 21CSC Report (pdf)