SCA is deeply appreciative of The Pittsburgh Foundation’s support of SCA Community Programs, and is very grateful to receive a $75,000 grant from the Foundation to support SCA’s summer youth employment program. Offered in collaboration with the city’s PSYEP program, SCA crews will engage up to 72 low-income youth (ages 15-19) in paid conservation work and job readiness skills training.

As it has for many years, SCA will work with the Pittsburgh Department of Parks & Recreation and neighborhood associations in placing members in meaningul work projects in city parks, vacant lots, and green spaces. Sixty of them will build and maintain trails, remove invasive plants, revegetate natural areas, clean up trash and debris in parks and vacant lots, and improve picnic and recreation areas. A crew of 12 will install residential rain barrels as part of the Proect 15206 storm water runoff mitigation initiative.