President Biden today announced a path to Congressional approval of an ambitious strategy to advance employment, education, health care, and more. The Student Conservation Association applauds a key part of this plan, the creation of a robust Civilian Climate Corps.

In its most recent accounting, the federal government puts the annual cost of weather and climate disasters at $95 billion, and that doesn’t even begin to calculate the economic impact on U.S. agriculture, habitats, coastal communities, and other factors.  In this light, funding for a Civilian Climate Corps, spread out over the next decade, is an essential investment in America’s future.

This modern-day CCC will create quality green jobs for many young adults including diverse communities.  The CCC’s focus on clean energy, climate resilience, environmental justice, remediation, and conservation represents the promise of rewarding careers and economic equity as well as an era of improved sustainability.

Another element of the Climate Corps is community service, supporting local volunteers to engage in environmental education, promoting climate-wise practices, organizing food banks, and more.

The young people of SCA are already active and effective on all these fronts, and SCA and other corps around the country look forward to working with the Biden Administration and the Congress to launch the Civilian Climate Corps and meet the urgent objectives of this important initiative. We have the experience, skills, and determination to change our current climate course and forge brighter prospects for generations to come.

More jobs. Greater resilience. Renewed hope. SCA has no doubt that the Civilian Climate Corps will be a turning point for our nation and our planet as we address the greatest global challenge of our time.