SCA commissioned a nationwide poll of Americans aged 15-25 years old to gauge their opinions on climate change, environmental justice, and more – and to amplify their voices on these important issues

  • 86% of respondents believe the world’s climate is changing
  • 71% conclude human activities are the cause

On addressing climate change:

  • 83% say there is still time to prevent its worst effects
  • 44% (combined) are either “very” or “somewhat” optimistic we will succeed; 37% (combined) are pessimistic we will act in time

On their own mitigative actions:

  • 67% share information on social media
  • 27% have reduced their use of single-use plastics

On global scale vs. individual response:

  • 35% say “I can make a positive difference, but I’m not sure how”
  • 33% say “There’s little I can do, but I wish I could do something”

On environmental justice:

  • 69% support incorporating environmental justice into the missions of all federal departments
  • 67% believe U.S. residents are not equally protected against exposure to pollution

On public policy:

  • 77% approve of the president’s goal of achieving a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions by 2050
  • 61% support the Civilian Climate Corps


Young Americans Believe Climate Change is Real – and Want to Do More to Stop It News Release


The SCA Climate Survey reveals the perspectives of 15-25 year olds on climate change, environmental justice, and related public policy initiatives. Download PDF


SCA CEO Stephanie Meeks and Board Chair Dr. Mamie Parker are joined by active and alumni SCA members for the release of The SCA Climate Survey on Facebook Live on April 20 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Watch


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