What is the process for crew member placement?

SCA takes great care in selecting its crew members. Each candidate is evaluated individually based on the materials they provide. Please understand that this is a competitive process, and that there is no guarantee of being selected. Once your application is completed, we will review all of your information. There are several different criteria that are considered for placement. Following is a list of criteria we look for in an applicant, in order of importance:

  • Your motivation to serve and relevant skills and experiences
  • Your demonstrated maturity, leadership, and social responsibility
  • Your availability dates
  • Time spent outdoors and your personal comfort level with outdoor situations
  • Interest in ecological or environmental topics

These criteria reflect the care we take to ensure that all members receive a placement they are well suited for. We begin notifying candidates of their placement in early spring. Once an acceptance is received, SCA will send Selection and Payment information, which includes the Participant Agreement, and other relevant Selection forms. These must be completed before a member enters the field.