Massachusetts Corps

Members of the Student Conservation Association's Massachusetts Corps for 2014-2015, based at Kenneth Duguque Memorial State Forest.

Massachusetts AmeriCorps


Program dates

Env. Education and Conservation Stewards:
Oct 19th 2015 – Aug 19th 2016
Conservation Stewards:
March 7th 2016 – Aug 19th 2016
Number of members: 26
Env. Education & Conservation Stewards: 18
Conservation Stewards: 8
When application review will begin:
2016 Conservation Stewards:
December 2015
2016-2017 Env. Education &
Conservation Stewards: March 2016

Recruiting Now!


Applications must be
received before Feb. 17.

Members of the SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps program serve Massachusetts’s public lands from Martha’s Vineyard to the Berkshires each summer, and spend the winter providing environmental education to children at local schools in the western part of the state. The residential program, headquartered at Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest in Hawley, MA, began its 19th year of service in October 2015.


SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps members begin their 10-month terms serving at partner schools and education-related internships in Western Massachusetts during the fall and winter months. They engage students in science-based environmental curricula that create a broad learning context for students, improve their learning skills, and help foster an ethic of service and civic responsibility. In the spring and summer, SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps members provide much-needed assistance in improving the public access to and protection of the natural, cultural, and recreational resources of Massachusetts. SCA members travel across the commonwealth serving in small teams to complete more than 40 conservation projects per year, implemented in dozens of communities.

Members of the Massachusetts Corps receive or have the option to receive the following trainings or certifications: 

  • Wilderness First Responder Training
  • CPR Certification
  • Wilderness Work Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Education Skills

Each year SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps members spend five months teaching approximately 800 environmental education lessons to over 1,000 students. Our members also complete approximately 60 Conservation Service projects each year. Projects include new trail construction, invasive plant management, Universal Access Trail construction, school nature trails, historic site reclamation, and more.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Applicants must be US citizens, as we are an AmeriCorps program.
  • Applicants should be in good physical condition and should enjoy hard work outdoors.
  • Applicants should possess the ability to live and work in small, close-knit group.
  • Applicants must have good interpersonal communication skills. 
  • Outdoors or trail experience preferred but not necessary.

Members receive full room and board, health insurance, a weekly living stipend, and an AmeriCorps education award.



Applications must be received by February 17. Once you have started your application contact to have your application fee waived.

Interested in learning more about SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps?

Contact: Tim Craig Phone: 413-339-6631

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