Green Cities

SCA’s Green Cities Sustainability Corps was developed in 2008 to assist Pittsburgh in the creation and implementation of local climate action plans. Members of the Green Cities Corps engage in projects with local government, nonprofit organizations, community groups, neighborhoods, and businesses to mitigate climate change and increase sustainability initiatives.

The Green Cities Sustainability Corps provides ten-month internships in Pittsburgh, PA. Members bring skills from a range of disciplines to implement hands-on sustainability projects that bring capacity to Pittsburgh partner agencies. Position areas include energy tracking, carbon audits, waste audits, public outreach, urban planning, and supply chain assessment.

Members of the Green Cities Sustainability Corps engage with thousands of citizens throughout the Pittsburgh region each year via hands-on projects, trainings, presentations, service projects, and educational programming. Members gain meaningful professional experience and exposure to sustainability professionals across government, nonprofit, and business sectors throughout Pittsburgh and nationally.

Members receive monthly living stipends and are responsible for finding housing near their individual work sites. Although the Green Cities Sustainability program is not a residential corps, members come together for group trainings each month and regular corps-wide service projects.

Trainings Offered: 

  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Residential, Urban, and Rural Sustainability
  • Civic Leadership
  • Carbon Audits
  • Climate Science
  • Facilitating Charrettes
  • Bike Safety
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design

Eligibility Requirements: 

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have an undergraduate degree, and pass a background check. Other requirements vary by position.

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The Green Workplace Challenge officially began on September 14, and through the end of September, we’ve had 26 organizations register to participate. Due to the sometimes lengthy chain of approvals that some businesses (particularly large ones) must go through in order to be cleared to participate in the GWC, we’ve extended our registration deadline through October 31.

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The month of September I fully embraced my role as event planner/organizer while also stepping up to the plate for several other opportunities. Work with PGE, after a highly successful seed saving class, was focused on finding a space for the nutrition class I have been planning as well as trying to find a venue for the Harvest After Party.

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Most of my time in September was spent preparing for the start of the 2011 High School Urban EcoStewards and planning, publicizing and preparing for the 2011 Fall volunteer work days. For HUES, I met with partners from the 6 schools we’re working with, presented to students, distributed and reviewed applications, and began planning individual sessions.

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The two projects I spent the most time this month on where site designs for fall installation for the SPARC corridor and Troy Hill demonstration site. We are working with the city to implement a design on Meadow Street across from Mike’s Autobody Shop. Portions of the project will be installed by the Department of Public Works, TreeVitalize and volunteers.

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Matthew Henderson is exceeding the expectations in his field work and is determined to have as many business owners as he can get to become a Certified Sustainable Business. Within the past month, Matthew has reached out to numerous boroughs within Allegheny and Beaver County.

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