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Trail Intern

Starts May 18, 2015 • Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake, CO

Serve in spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park as a trail intern working with a NPS trail crew.

Wilderness Interns

Starts June 1, 2015 • Klamath National Forest, Fort Jones, CA

Wilderness internship in remote Northern California. Work will occur in spectacular wilderness and backcountry areas including: Marble Mountain Wilderness, Russian Wilderness and Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Medicine Wheel Interpreter

Starts June 15, 2015 • Bighorn National Forest, Lovell, WY

Interpreters needed at the Medicine Wheel which is an ancient stone structure located in the Bighorn National Forest North central Wyoming.

Youth Program Coordinator Intern

Starts April 5, 2015 • John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, Brookline, MA

Share your leadership talents and creativity! Coordinate a program for youth participating in a summer-long work experience that connects people with parks through visitor interactions, community outreach, and career exploration.

NPS Centennial Volunteer Ambassador

Starts May 18, 2015 • NPS (National Park Service) Washington Office, , DC

Year long internships coordinating volunteers at NPS sites around the country

Interpretation Intern

Starts May 3, 2015 • Great Basin National Park, Baker, NV

Interpretation Intern at Great Basin National Park

Forest Technician Intern

Starts May 1, 2015 • Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, Errol, NH

Forest Technician Intern - Northern NH and northwestern ME

Field Botany Intern

Starts June 1, 2015 • Denali National Park, Fairbanks, AK

Hike with heavy backpack in steep, trail-less terrain, performing a variety of detailed plot-based measurements of plant community structure and composition in remote backcountry locations.

Habitat Management Intern

Starts May 4, 2015 • TNC- Western Massachusetts Program, Great Barrington, MA

The Nature Conservancy - Habitat Management intern to work with Conservancy staff in managing important conservation lands and rare species in Western Massachusetts/southern Berkshires

Herpetology Internship

Starts June 1, 2015 • Canaveral National Seashore, Titusville, FL

Herpetology Internship at the Canaveral National Seashore. This is a field-oriented internship in the Resource Management division primarily involved with the protection, monitoring and data collection and database management for sea turtle nests.

Interpretive Intern

Starts May 11, 2015 • Jewel Cave National Monument, Custer, SD

Experience an exciting and memorable summer season within the beautiful Black Hills of western South Dakota, working as a front line interpreter.

Conservation Associate Intern

Starts May 11, 2015 • Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, Cornish, NH

Interested in Horticulture and gardening? Serve at the beautiful, historic Saint-Gaudens NHS in NH as a Conservation Associate Intern.

Invasive Species Intern

Starts April 21, 2015 • Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, AZ

Work and play in the Grand Canyon while managing invasive species.

Biological Research Assistant - wetland bird surveys

Starts May 18, 2015 • Baca National Wildlife Refuge, Crestone, CO

Four biological field research assistants are needed to assist on a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service monitoring study of wetland nesting birds at Baca National Wildlife Refuge.

Visitor Services Intern

Starts June 28, 2015 • Natural Bridges National Monument, Lake Powell, UT

Live and work in Utah’s Canyon Country. Research, develop, and present effective interpretive and educational products and programs that relate to park resources and agency mission.

Native Plant Nursery Intern

Starts April 21, 2015 • Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, AZ

Live, work, and play in the Grand Canyon while managing native plants.

Wildlife Conservation Intern

Starts May 24, 2015 • Klamath National Forest, Macdoel, CA

Wildife Conservation Intern-Northern California

Volunteer Coordinator Assistant

Starts April 21, 2015 • Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, AZ

Work and play in the Grand Canyon while assisting with the Vegetation Volunteer Program.

Recreation Management Intern

Starts May 18, 2015 • Glenallen Field Office, Glennallen, AK

Assist the Bureau of Land Management-Alaska with monitoring and patrolling two National Wild and Scenic Rivers!

Endangered Species Recovery Intern

Starts April 21, 2015 • Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, AZ

Work and play in the Grand Canyon while saving the canyon’s only endangered plant species.

Archaeology Intern

Starts May 18, 2015 • Glenallen Field Office, Glennallen, AK

Archaeology in Alaska!

Civil Engineer Intern - Local Only

Starts May 18, 2015 • George Washington Memorial Parkway, McLean, VA

Civil Engineer Intern for George Washington Memorial Parkway - LOCAL ONLY

Interpretation and Education Intern

Starts May 4, 2015 • Shenandoah National Park, Luray, VA

Interpretation and Environmental Education intern who will primarily prepare and present activity-based environmental education programs and thematic interpretive programs including guided walks, hikes, formal talks, and children’s programs.

Invasive Plants Intern

Starts May 25, 2015 • Baca National Wildlife Refuge, Alamosa, CO

Assist the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with invasive plant treatment, monitoring, and mapping at the SLV NWR Complex.

Recreation Technician Intern

Starts June 1, 2015 • BLM Fairbanks District Office, Fairbanks, AK

Do you have a good attitude? Outgoing and indepdent? Join the BLM this summer for hard work outdoors in Alaska!


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