Soil/Botany Database intern

Expected Dates
June 2, 2014 to January 18, 2015
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
Position ID
The position will be the lead on transferring all of the Forest’s hard copy riparian vegetation data into a Forest developed database, and entering Terrestrial Ecosystem Survey (Soils) information into a Forest Service National database.  The transfer of survey data into spatial/tabular format is key in the Forests’ ability to inventory and utilize the data as well as identify data gaps.  The databases have a GIS interface, therefore GIS skills using ArcGIS 10.0 are imperative to this position as well as a basic knowledge of Oracle databases.  Any background in soils, botany and ecology would be helpful in quality control and assurance of the data.  Training in how to use the national databases and the Forest Service GIS servers will be provided and the Watershed  Program manager as well as other Range/Watershed personnel and GIS specialists will be available for assistance and oversight.  All the legacy data is hard copies of data sheets, survey reports, and hand drawn maps.  If time allows, the incumbent may also aid in updating riparian and TES GIS layers in our Corporate database. Additional duties could include field work assisting Soil Scientist identifying plant species and recording field notes to be added to databases. 

Apache-Sitgreaves include the health and restoration of the forest, watersheds, and ecosystems, and providing sustainable recreation and livestock grazing programs.  Over one-quarter of the forest (538,000 acres) was burned by the 2011 Wallow Fire. The highest priority work is associated with rehabilitation of the burned area, reducing the dangers associated with wildfire in the urban interface, forest restoration, and Forest Plan Revision. There will be continued opportunities to work with forest leadership as they incorporate restoration and recovery into the forest-wide program of work.

 Housing will be provided in crew quarters in Springerville, Arizona approximately 3 blocks from the Supervisor’s Office.    
  • The Apache and the Sitgreaves National Forests were administratively combined in 1974 and are now managed as one unit from the Forest Supervisor’s Office. The forest is 2,110,000 acres in size and is located in east-central Arizona along the Mogollon Rim and the White Mountains. The forest covers portions of Coconino, Navajo, Apache, and Greenlee counties; borders the Coconino, Tonto, and Gila National Forests; and borders the White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Indian Reservations.
    The towns of Springerville and Eagar are contiguous and make up the area referred to as Round Valley. A variety of industries shape the economic profile. In the early days, cattle and sheep ranching were principal economic activities, but these have gradually been augmented by tourism, agriculture, construction, forestry, and retail sales in support of the 6,000 local residents.
    Springerville and Eagar offer a range of facilities to their residents, including a library, hospital, museum, and numerous athletic facilities as well as a campus for Northland Pioneer College. Sunrise Ski area, located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, is 30 minutes away. Springerville is also home to Casa Malpais, a nationally recognized archeological ruin. There are several local restaurants offering a variety of food and drink.
    There are two supermarkets and a variety of convenience stores located in the Round Valley. There is also one drug store, one Alco (mini Wal-Mart style) store, automotive parts stores and several specialty stores located in the Round Valley area. Shopping in Pinetop-Lakeside and Show Low 45 miles away includes Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot, larger grocery stores, clothing and shoe stores, and many other specialty stores. There are two banks located in Eagar and one bank in Springerville. There are seven motels ranging from Best Western to local owned.
  • In addition to training on the individual data bases and GIS workshops, training in riparian, stream and soil monitoring and inventory proceedures and associated databases will be provided.
  • Local community college offering both day and evening courses. A-S has 34 reservoirs and 680 miles of rivers and streams. Mild climate close to year round outdoor recreation, including hunting, fishing, winter skiing (Sunrise Ski Area 30 minutes away)
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus
Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
Ecology & Restoration
some coursework or experience
Data Entry
some experience
competent with supervision
some experience