Environmental Education Intern

Expected Dates
June 16, 2014 to November 15, 2014
Mount Rainier National Park
Position ID
If you like the idea of living on a mountain and working with kids and teaching them about the natural world in a national park setting, this could just be the experience you are looking for. Mount Rainier’s curriculum-based education program serves kindergarten through university- level students and their teachers and youth leaders, who are visiting the park on a field trip. As an Environmental Education Intern, you’ll work with the park’s Education Rangers in developing and presenting a variety of programs, as well as creating additional educational materials and assisting with our very popular Volcano Teacher Workshop held each July.
Spring programming works primarily with urban schools from the greater Puget Sound area, while the summer programs provide opportunities to get involved with park outreach, interpretation and youth conservation programs.The primary education program topics include geology of Mount Rainier (volcanology, glaciers), life zones /plant and animal adaptation, old growth/lowland forests, watershed processes, subalpine ecology, conservation/preservation.
You will experience everything from towering old growth forest with trees that have been standing for 800 years to the beauty of alpine wildflower meadows flourishing in their brief season of bloom above the treeline. Your home will be in the southwest corner of the mountain in the Nisqually River corridor where you will work out of the Mount Rainier Education Center. This is where park headquarters is located and provides easy access to the park’s varied environments. In the cascades, winter can linger so most of our spring programs use snowshoes to explore the park.   
  • Mount Rainier National Park is located in west-central Washington, just a short drive from the greater Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia area. The park was established in 1899 for it mountain meadows and impressive glaciers. It is the 5th oldest national park in the U.S. and its glacier-covered volcanic cone is the icon of the Pacific Northwest. It rises majestically more than a mile and a half above the surrounding mountains and is the most heavily glaciated peak in the lower 48 states. Nearly two million people come to enjoy the grandeur and wild beauty of the park each year.
  • On-the- job training in environmental education program development and teaching techniques
    First-Aid / CPR
    NPS Interpretive training
    Job shadowing & career exploration opportunities
    Online NPS course
    Cross-training opportunities
  • There is a multitude of rich educational & recreational opportunities. Hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking are within a few miles of housing. Every venue associated with large urban areas is just a short drive away.
Main Area of Focus
Education and Interpretation
Education, Training & Skills Expected
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
some coursework or experience
competent with supervision
Leadership Experience
competent without supervision
Community Engagement
competent with supervision
Public Speaking
competent without supervision
Working with Children
competent without supervision