2014 Desert Restoration Corps

Expected Dates
October 1, 2014 to August 15, 2015
Ridgecrest Field Office BLM
Position ID
The Desert Restoration Corps (DRC) is a partnership between the Student Conservation Association (SCA), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and California Off-Highway Vehicle Commission (CA-OHV) which has produced nearly a decade of monitoring, preserving, and repairing fragile habitat in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of Southern California.  For the coming 10-month season, members will build upon this dusty legacy through hands-on service to the land.   The environmental, project and community challenges related to DRC projects makes the DRC one of SCA’s most challenging and rewarding programs.

Each 5-member crew will live and work out of remote tent camps for 10-day periods while undertaking projects, allowing members to fully experience the lands being served.  While the majority of the season is devoted to mitigating the impacts of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation in the desert surrounding Ridgecrest, CA, crews will take on additional projects elsewhere in California as the heat of the desert summer encroaches on the final months of the DRC season.  Season projects may include, but are not limited to: habitat restoration, fence/barrier construction, public outreach, trail work/assessment, invasive species management, and resource (i.e. water, wildlife) monitoring.

Please visit SCA’s website to learn more about what it is like ot be a Member on a DRC Team (
  • The Bureau of Land Management, Ridgecrest Field Office is one of five field offices within the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA). The CDCA was established by Congress through passage of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA).

    There is no such thing as cabin fever in Ridgecrest. In the winter when the snow is covering the higher elevations and the frozen north, vast expanses of open desert provide recreational opportunities for OHV enthusiasts, rock hounds, or people looking for a quiet wilderness experience (Death Valley National Park is just up the road).

    In the summer when the desert temperatures are a little on the warm side, head to the mountains for breathtaking hikes (ever heard of the Pacific Crest Trail) and world class trout fisheries. If bass fishing is what you prefer, Lake Isabella, one of California’s premiere warm water fisheries is just around the corner. Did you know the highest point and the lowest point in the continental United States are within a short drive of Ridgecrest? (Mt. Whitney is the highest and Death Valley is the lowest.) If you are looking for a central location to all kinds of outdoor recreational opportunities, Ridgecrest is your place.

  • Wilderness First Respsonder
    Leave No Trace Trainer
    Basic GPS/GIS
    Restoration Work Skills
    Trailer-pulling training
    Advanced off-road driving (possible)
    Chainsaw training (possible)
    ATV training (possible)
  • DRC Members will learn how to live and work together as a Team in a very small and tight-knit community.  This program is set up to build future leaders for SCA through a peer leadership system.  Members will have the opportunity to lead their peers for multiple hitches and will be responsible for risk management, logistics, scheduling, project quality, conflict resolution, etc.   The peer leadership system has been very effective at preparing Members for succes in leadership
Main Area of Focus
Natural Resources Mgmt
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Leadership Experience
competent with supervision