Supervising an Intern

US Bank Cards

Although this is a volunteer program, at a minimum, interns receive a living allowance for basic expenses and a travel allowance to assist in traveling to and from the site. SCA uses US Bank Focus Cards to disburse intern allowances and reimbursements. US Bank cards are sent out as soon as possible following the intern’s acceptance of a position. The travel allowance is provided on the first pay date following selection to a position.  Living and commuting allowances are paid on a bi-weekly basis following the position’s start date. If the intern is an AmeriCorps member, allowances will be taxed. 

The card will be mailed to your intern before the internship begins so they can book their travel. The intern will receive detailed instructions, including how to activate and use the card, card security, and replacing a lost card. Interns can use the card as either a credit or debit card to pay for purchases and to get cash back at most stores. Interns can check their card balance any time by phone or on-line. The number for interns to reach US Bank is 1-877-474-0010 and they can manage their card online at

Time Logs

Members submit both Activity Logs, which record their completed service hours, as well as Output Logs, which record the kinds and amounts of work they are accomplishing.  Members are expected to complete their Activity Logs on a weekly basis, unless they have limited computer access. Output Logs are completed as projects are completed.  When working in groups, only one intern is required to submit an Output Log on behalf of the whole group.

We expect interns to perform their duties to the same standard as regular or seasonal personnel. Interns are expected to work the equivalent of a 40-hour week.  You may require interns to work on weekends and holidays, but you should arrange compensatory time off.  The hours recorded on a member’s Activity Log should be hours spent in active training or education, or actual direct service hours. Partners may approve time off for members, when appropriate, but hours on time sheets should reflect actual hours served.

Activity Logs are approved or denied electronically through your MySCA Portal.  When the intern submits the log, you will receive an email that the log is ready for your review. If you are not able to view the logs, have questions, or need to change the name of a supervisor, contact your Coordinator.

Sick and Vacation Time

Sick time should be handled the same as it is for regular or seasonal personnel. If an intern has a long term illness that is affecting his/her ability to work, contact your Coordinator to discuss options. Vacation time should be arranged and agreed upon between you and the intern. Ten days is recognized as the standard time off for a year of service.

Learning and Education

We encourage you to offer the same variety of tasks, responsibilities, and learning opportunities available to other personnel.  Similarly, interns should receive periodic supervision, guidance, and evaluation from their supervisors.  We expect the internship to be an educational one that leads to a better understanding of how your agency manages land and resources and serves the public, as well as one that provides the intern with new skills.

Intern Evaluations

Intern supervisors are asked to complete Mid-term and End-of-Term Evaluations for all interns. The evaluations are completed in an electronic format via an online survey. They will be emailed to you at the appropriate times.