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Stories from the Field

Former conservation volunteer and SCA Leader Crew member Caleb Sanders works on an irrigation ditch as part of a major ecosystem restoration project in California's Southern Sierra Nevadas.

How to Become a Professional Conservationist in Less Than a Year

Written by Joseph Thurston How does one go from conducting graduate research in Religious Studies at the University of Chicago to restoring endangered cuckoo species habitat as a professional Restoration Technician at a research station in Southern California , all in the span of a single year? Caleb Sanders... Read more


Remembering Yale's Dr. Stephen Kellert

Written by Frances Harte, SCA Foundation Relations Specialist “Whether experienced in a wilderness setting, a suburban backyard, or a city park, the natural environment offers a vital medium for self-discovery and an enhanced sense of self-worth and personal identity.” This was the conclusion that Stephen... Read more


SCA Alumni Council member Daniel Dryburgh participates in a river wildlife survey with his SCA NPS Academy classmates at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Daniel Dryburgh

SCA Alumni Council member Daniel Dryburgh is a strong believer in the transformative power of outdoor immersion and conservation service. He hopes to use his digital media chops and conservation community connections to help make powerful nature experiences truly accessible to people from all backgrounds and... Read more


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