• SCA Member Jeremy Taitano has been honored with The North Face "Never Stop" Grant

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Bears by the Dozen

Katmai National Park’s famous Bear Cams let you watch live as wild bears feed on migrating salmon on Alaska’s Brooks River... Read more


Where My Cubs At?

At birth, a brown bear cub is incredibly small, weighing just one pound and measuring about 9 inches long. That same bear may multiply its weight well over 1,000 times from newborn to adult. Humans would weigh over 6,000 pounds if we shared the same weight increase.Read more


Writer Kiki Serantes hikes Zion National Park's famous Narrows trail.

A Penny to Preserve Parks?

By Kiki Serantes (above L), SCA Cultural Resources Intern at Zion National Park If a national park or wilderness is gradually degrading and no one notices it, is it still degrading? Even if we are told that our wilderness areas are being destroyed—indirectly through our own actions—does it matter if it’s not... Read more


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