• SCA Member Jeremy Taitano has been honored with The North Face "Never Stop" Grant

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Battling Graffiti in Zion's Famous Canyons

As we left the oven-like truck to trek toward one of Zion’s many ancient rock art panels, I wondered how much graffiti we’d have to clean up this time. Would there be more pecked smiley faces or barely legible initials sprawled across the centuries-old indigenous patterns? Would it be too much, would we... Read more


Kiara "Kiki" Serantes, a SCA Cultural Resources Intern at Zion National Park, cleans up graffiti in one of the park's famous slot canyons.

Kiara "Kiki" Serantes

As a Cultural Resources Intern at Zion National Park, Kiara “Kiki” Serantes is gaining the experience she’ll need to translate her writing and political skills into a career spent keeping the world’s wilderness safe from environmental negligence for at least the Next 100 years.Read more


Michael A. Lanza, outdoor adventurer and creator of, backpacking with his daughter at Grand Canyon National Park.

How to Be A Professional Outdoor Adventure Dad...

How does a professional wilderness adventurer make time to spend with his family? For dedicated dad and outdoor explorer Michael A. Lanza it’s simple; he just brings them along on his adventures! With his blog, , Lanza has made a career of writing about the intense outdoor excursions... Read more


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