Earthsaver of the Month -- Stories of SCA Volunteers from around the Nation

Every year thousands of young people serve the planet through SCA’s crew and internship programs, but countless more serve with SCA through our one-day service events. These volunteers include SCA alumni, partners, supporters, families, friends, and other students and community members across the country who are dedicated to improving public lands in their own neighborhoods.

Each month, we highlight a featured “Earthsaver” who has given back to the planet through multiple SCA service events. Read their SCA stories — then join us at the next event.

“SCA gave me a chance to open up myself to new people and new experiences and to translate my ideas to the real world.”

“Serving the planet shouldn’t be seen as a time-consuming burden, but as a way of life.”

“At an SCA service event at Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx…I experienced a utopian community: people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and beliefs working together, getting down and dirty to help the planet.”

“My dad is the driving force behind my desire to serve the planet. He was the one who took me to my first National Park…”

“SCA has given me the opportunity to impact the lives of students from diverse backgrounds.”

“I heard about a service event SCA was organizing… and I realized that it was a call for me to march into the wild!”

“In 1989, I boarded a plane to Montana to begin an internship with SCA … an experience that changed my life.”