Stories from the Field

Q: As SCA’s Great Lakes representative, what was an interesting experience you had on the road? A: Iowa State University had snow and the school was shut down for the afternoon—no class presentations for me! I took advantage of the time and did some laundry. I recruited the kid at the laundry mat, who had a number of friends who did SCA and he told me about their fun experiences.

As of today I have been at SCA HQ for six months. Always one to make gross generalizations and sweeping over simplifications, so why not try to sum up SCA? The Student Conservation Association gets things done. From urban renewal projects to trail building, desert restoration, and large scale projects like the Mt. Rainier Recovery, SCA is out there swinging that pickaxe.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a nice guide of wildlife refuges that are located near airports for travelers to also take refuge on extended layovers. - link Corn-based ethanol not cheap, not green. - link And on a completely different note, Kurt Vonnegut’s take on the Military Occupation of Iraq from 2003. - link

Interview and Photos by Garrett Allen Interesting facts about Tamara: Met Chuck Norris at a World Karate TournamentLived with indigenous tribes in the Andes Mountains of PeruHas been chased by a bull, and a bison. Q: As SCA’s Southeast Representative, what was an interesting experience you had on the road?

by Jim*This began as a response to a comment posted under Sandra’s recent entry, Climate Change - what YOU can do. “There is no justification for raising animals for human food.” - Hayduke This week marks my first full year as a vegetarian.

Josh wasn’t the only one inspired to write about the first snow storm last February. The aught seven Valentine’s Day Blizzard, we are calling it. As the wind howled and snow drifted up in my driveway, I surfed the net to find a newslink to send to my scattered family. Look at what’s happening here, I wanted to say.

Forestry experts and scientists from Oregon State University have just published an article that shows forests are naturally regenerating in the wake of searing forest fires.

Fun Facts about Paige: Licensed massage therapist and Reiki MasterHas her own travel logShopping for a veggie car Q: As SCA’s west coast representative, what was a strange experience you had on the road? A: When I was in Tucson, AZ it snowed for the first time in 10-15 years. There were all these palm trees and cacti covered in snow.

A February post from Joshua Stearns, SCA Board Member and Alumnus A few weeks ago we got the first snow storm of the winter here in Western Massachusetts. My wife and I decided we would treat ourselves and order take out from a new restaurant in town called Sparky’s All American Food. Sparky’s was unique from the beginning. At first glance the menu suggests a classic burger and dog joint.

by Elli CaldwellI’m generally of the notion that living simply has a direct correlation to environmental responsibility and overall happiness, so when I read about No Impact Man and his family in the New York Times this week, I was intrigued.

One of the best parts about working at SCA HQ is the great people you get to work with. Unfortunately I would not know anything about that because I am stuck sharing on office with this guy. Haw haw just kidding, Jim is rad, I mean come one now, check out those curls.

Story and Photo by Garrett AllenPlease recycle this tea bag. (Babelfish probably completely botched that translation) Upon arriving in Munich for the first time this summer I immediately noticed two things: It is an old cityIt is a very modern and efficient city The problem with being around for a long time is that you start to accumulate a lot of junk.

“Livestock are responsible for 18 percent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.” From a December 2006 United Nations report entitled “Livestock’s Long Shadow” Tom Philpott who writes about food and farming for Grist said, “To me, that fact calls for a massive realignment of the environmental movement tow

by Joshua Stearns, SCA Board Member and Alumnus Our narratives transcend fact, for they are formed from the delicious emotional nuances of sensation: sound, smell, moods, sensuality, taste, color, shadow, texture, rhythm, cadence, tears, laughter, warmth, and coolness all experienced here, at a place on this earth.

from Elli CaldwellAt last month’s Desert Restoration Corps event, crew leader Rebecca Pike explained a bit about the Yuha Desert’s unique archeology. Check out the video below.SCA 50th Anniversary Event, Yuha Desert, California, USA

by Kass Hardy, Glacier ‘03 & ‘04, Yosemite ‘06 This letter is intended to raise awareness and to encourage YOU to be a part of the future of OUR National Parks. The National Park Service turns 100 years old in 2016. What a great opportunity we have to rejuvenate and reenergize the service.

by Elli CaldwellWe had arrived for a few days in Southern California’s Yuha Desert to celebrate SCA, to work, talk and listen, connect and remember. We had come to recognize a program that some said wouldn’t last, wouldn’t work, wasn’t worth it. After seven years in the deserts of Southern California, we were there to remind ourselves and everyone else just how far we had come.