Stories from the Field

by Tau I. Robinson-Farrar After hearing a phenomenal presentation at the Department of the Interior, it was time to leave for our service projects. As we were making our way to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (the location for our service project) I asked Alex, a high school student from New Hampshire, how he felt about the presentation.

Brian Kurzel - EarthVision Opening Ceremony Host and SCA 50th Board Co-Chair

Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne speaks to attendees following the opening ceremony. Lindi L. Harvey, National Park Service Deputy Director SCA President Dale Penny, Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, SCA Founder Liz Putnam, and SCA Board President Fred Prescott Hanging out in front of the DOI building. Glacier National Park antique bus.

You can feel the excitement in the air, one might even say its palpable. Oh cool, look, a goose is grooming himself, and there’s an EarthVision banner plastered on the Department of the Interior headquarters, and below that Mary A. Bomar, Director of the National Park Service, and her entourage get into an antique red truck, oh wait, what is that behind us?

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Hey everyone! I met a few alumni recently who are decidedly cool enough to deserve their own entries here, but I haven’t updated lately so I’m going throw my good-hearted commentary about them in one big post! West Virginia University has my unofficial distinction of having the hilliest campus in the US, and walking across it was roughly equivalent to hiking a leg of the AT.

by Teresa Shipley Our week in the Grand Canyon has come to a close, and a few of the numbers are in: We pulled over 12,000 weeds.We spread nearly ½ acre of mulch (which doesn’t sound like much, until the shovel is in your hands).We collectively hiked 27 miles (that doesn’t include our fun-day hikes) in the Canyon.We surveyed and GPS’d about 9 miles of National Park boundary fence.We de-winterized

by Teresa Shipley Tents unzipped to bright blue skies this morning. Eager students were divided into three hiking groups. The mission: eradication of graffiti within the Canyon and hand-pulling invasive weeds along the way. We also welcomed two visitors: Mike and Brian, videographers from Phoenix who joined us for a few hours to document all this hard work for SCA, AE and, possibly, MTV.

by Teresa Shipley What’s red, green and white all over? The Grand Canyon under 5 inches of snow. Fifty degrees and above had been the normal daytime temperature at the Canyon for several weeks, until, that is, 25 SCA Alternative Spring Break participants showed up. On their first morning as a team, SCA participants woke to a dusting of fresh snow and leaden skies.