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The Economic Progress Through Conservation Project was a public planning project which deployed SCA interns working under the direction of the staff of the Progress Fund to create an economic development plan based on tourism in the Laurel Highlands region.The Project was developed by the SCA (Student Conservation Association, Inc) in partnership with the Progress Fund and was financed in part by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation under the Growing Greener Program.ScopeThis Project seeks to provide an economic development plan based on tourism in the Laurel Highlands and to understand how to best leverage successful regional achievement in conservation, integrating regional resources such as Park and recreation areas, historic conservation areas, and areas of natural beauty into a plan that will provide a framework for supporting sustainable economic development for the benefit of rural communities in the four-county Laurel Highlands area of Southwestern PA.Download the full report - Economic Progress Through Conservation - 1.77MB .PDF

American Eagle Outfitters announced today it is offering an AE Better World holiday gift card program to benefit its three charity partners, Jumpstart, Big Brothers Big Sisters and SCA.

We need your help now to close the funding gap for AmeriCorps and the National Service Trust.

SCA has just learned that there is potentially a very problematic situation brewing around funding for national service. The Appropriations Committee is, at this moment, finalizing the Omnibus appropriations bill (the money bill). For a variety of reasons, they are estimating that they will be $41 million short in funding for AmeriCorps State and National and the National Service Trust. Losing the AmeriCorps educational awards will make it hard, or even impossible for many young people to serve through SCA and other organizations.

If someone from the National Park Service ever hands you a business card, flip it over. On the back, you’ll find the simple slogan “Experience Your America.” My most recent experience was among my most powerful…and the fact that it was delivered via 12 hours of watching TV is an irony that has yet to wear off.

SCA alumnus and hip-hop/blues crooner G. Love describes his 1990 SCA experience at Yellowstone as “magical” in the November issue of Best Life magazine. [full text quoted below] The article asks 40 “of the world’s greatest adventurers” to share the secrets of their most significant travel experiences.

Vice Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher and SCA President Dale Penny with SCA members in Washington, DCThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and SCA signed an agreement on October 10 that will pave the way for SCA conservation interns to protect some of our most valued coastal natural resources, working in collaboration with many of the nation’s premier marine scientists.

This past Saturday in Newark, NJ, members of SCA’s Newark Community Crew spent a day off from school creating a green space in their neighborhood. Helped by local volunteers and staff from Prudential Financial and the Greater Newark Conservancy (GNC), students worked to convert a small unused residential lot into a community garden.

All last spring and summer, SCA high school summer crews worked to reclaim abandonded lots in Pittsburgh.Their first job — clear the lots. Wading through knee-high Japanese knotweed they removed bricks, rotting timbers and trash, making pile upon pile of debris that City workers hauled away.

Student Conservation Association trail crew constructs a hiking bridge on the Salmon-Challis National Forest in 2008

Learn more about our High School Conservation Crews

ServiceNation is drawing to a close, but it’s not over yet! After the break, thoughts from Senator Hillary Clinton, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and rock star philanthropist Jon Bon Jovi…“Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, it is impossible not to admire Hillary Clinton,” says Ann Moore, Chairman and CEO of TIME, Inc.

The Stewards of the Planet panel here at ServiceNation hosted an impressive lineup of prominent figures in conservation! I was happy to recognize a number of people present at SCA’s EarthVision summit last April…

Good morning! This blog is live, so I don’t want to see any spelling errors pointed out in the Comments, alright? I’m sitting on the balcony of the ballroom at the Hilton NYC hotel in midtown, next to a dozen other bloggers. We make a pretty fierce sight: knees together, laptops balanced precariously, typing away. Aaand it looks like the opening ceremony is starting!

Wow. Want to know what it’s like in the press room of a Presidential Candidates’ Forum? Here’s a handy timeline! Apologies for length, but tonight was an amazing symposium of service, and I feel it is my duty as your official ServiceNation correspondent to report as much as I can! So read on, and watch all the rest of the Forum here …

Hi again! I’m having a great time in NYC. Want to hear about my day so far? In a preview of the thousands of service projects that will take place nationwide on September 27th, I was on-hand at the Yung Wing School in Chinatown with dozens of other civic-minded helpful people!

Hellllllllo from New York!Daniel Parr here, SCA alumnus extraordinaire and your on-the-scene correspondent for Service Nation!Tomorrow is the first of the two big summit days here in Manhattan, and there’s no time to waste!

“Conserving our air, our water and our natural resources is a national priority, and young people want to help. I will make sure our national leaders understand that and consider what is needed to support them,”  SCA President Dale Penny said about his participation in the Service Nation Summit on Thursday and Friday which includes Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.