Ally Ratliff

Manchester CLC Leader

Hello! My name is Ally Ratliff, and I am one of the SCA Manchester CLC Leaders. I grew up in Johnstown, PA and attended Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. In the summer of 2011, I studied abroad in the Galapagos Islands for three weeks and helped to restore habitats. After graduating in May 2013, I accepted a Restoration Management Assistant Intern position with The Nature Conservancy in Indiana. While there, I strove to restore native prairie and black oak savannas and gained a greater connection with nature. I am so PUMPED to be a part of this year’s SCA NH Corps. I hope to gain an even greater connection with nature and to share that with you all. If I could choose my spirit animal, it would be a wolf. They travel in packs but also can be independent, and they have a loving, caring nature for their family.