Alumni Ambassadors

Participating in SCA was the experience of a lifetime.

Would you like to share it with others?

We are looking for alumni to spread the SCA story and help us recruit new members. As an Alumni Ambassador, you can help change someone else’s life.

Your objective is to get people interested in SCA by telling them your story and be the “face of SCA” on your campus and/or in your community. Nothing speaks more clearly to the SCA experience than the voices of those that have been involved in the program before. Your stories and experiences are the keys to the continuing success of SCA.

What do Alumni Ambassadors do?

Here are some of the ways Alumni Ambassadors help to spread the word about SCA:

  • Hang up posters on your campus or in your community (community center, coffee shop, outdoor center, etc.)
  • Staff a table in your school or student union during lunchtime to distribute SCA materials.
  • Speak about SCA at a student group meeting.
  • Staff an SCA table at a career fair.
  • Represent SCA at an outdoor conference or youth summit.
  • Host an information session about SCA.
  • Wear your SCA shirt often and answer questions.
  • Write an article for your school or community newspaper, webpage, or blog, or submit a story to SCA’s newsletter Hands On.
  • Create a profile on and blog about your SCA experience.
  • Share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media to let friends know about SCA.

What are the benefits?

  • Meet other alumni in the nation-wide SCA community.
  • Gain personal and professional networking opportunities.
  • Get Alumni Ambassador stickers and t-shirts.
  • Receive travel stipends for select events.
  • Receive all the resources you need from SCA recruiters, including flyers and other materials.
  • Inspire the next generation of SCA members.
  • Give back to your community through conservation service.

How do I get started?

  • Consider the different areas in which that you would like to assist SCA (use the list above or maybe you even know other ways to spread the word). Some of the suggested options may be viable for you, while others might not work, depending on your situation.
  • Identify the recruiter in your area by visiting our Meet a Recruiter page. Recruiters will be able to point you in the right direction to set up appointments and can send you recruiting materials. Even if you are able to set up these events on your own, please contact the recruiting department; we need to keep track of these events. You can also email or call 603-543-1700 x499 if you don’t know which recruiting area you are located in.
  • Fill out the Alumni Ambassador form telling us about yourself and how you would like to help.
  • Each time you are involved in an event to spread the word about SCA, tell us about it through the Alumni Ambassador online survey