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For more than 50 years, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has been the go-to conservation partner of resource managers across America.  We help you get the job done whether you need a single intern to conduct stream tests, two students to lead nature walks, or a team of ten to restore an ailing habitat. 

Our applicants are diverse, motivated and highly-qualified.  Our partners constantly tell us that SCA members bring new energy and renewed focus to the workplace.  And with a nationwide candidate pool of more than 10,000 current and recent students, you’re sure to get the specific skills and abilities you need to meet your conservation objectives. 

You’ll also help launch the next generation of conservation leaders – and quite possibly discover your next hire.  It’s no coincidence that thousands of SCA alumni are employed on public lands throughout the US.  And by forging new links between today’s youth and the Great Outdoors, you’ll extend your site’s legacy for many years to come.

To get started today, contact our Partnership Development Team at or 603-543-1700.


“[SCA Founder] Liz Putnam’s vision has set the course for youth in conservation for a long time…These young people will become our future national park service rangers and conservationists.”

—Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell


Message to Partners

January, 28 2014 - With the omnibus budget approved, federal land managers can finally look beyond the horizon – and the landscape they see is both stunning and strained.  SCA knows how tough the last few years have been for our federal partners, as we’ve been there as well.  When you’re ready to move on your conservation priorities, we’ll be there, too – primed to provide the assistance you need, when you need it.

With more than 10,000 diverse and qualified candidates, SCA’s nationwide recruiting pool is unrivaled.   Whether you need a single intern or a team of ten, we can provide qualified and motivated students with the precise knowledge, skills and abilities you need to achieve your conservation objectives quickly, easily and affordably.

In the process, you’ll help launch the next generation of conservation leaders – and quite possibly discover your next hire.  To get started, simply call your SCA Representative directly or the SCA Partner Hotline at  888-722-9675 ext. 1498 or email us at

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Partnering with SCA is the ultimate win-win. 


  • Pre-existing national cooperative agreements with most federal partners and major nonprofits
  • Customized online Salesforce (MySCA) platform offering the most advanced partner and project management technology
  • Personal partner services representatives as well as all payroll and administrative support  


  • Competitive pricing plans that include recruiting, training and more
  • Cost-share arrangements on all SCA placements that lower your costs
  • SCA members routinely outperform expectations and deliver optimum value


  • 97% partner satisfaction rate
  • 56-year record of delivering for conservation partners nationwide
  • Flexible program models, a wide variety of skills sets, plus solutions for special needs